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Glymur waterfall

Date: 7 June 2020
Departure from Harpa:  09:00
Duration: 7-8 hours (the hike is approx. 3 hours)
Price: 17.500 ISK
What to bring:  Good shoes, waterproof jacket, extra socks, swim wear and a towel

Hike up to Icelands most beautiful waterfall with NOK participants
Glymur waterfall, swimming and refreshments at Restaurant Kopar in Reykjavík harbour

Glymur is Iceland´s second highest waterfall, and with its height of almost 200 meters, it has an amazing and spectacular sight. Since 1998, when the underwater traffic tunnel in Hvalfjörður (Whale fjord) opened, Glymur has become an even more secluded location. Most tourists and natives do not drive past it as the modern human has places to go and places to be, and today, the stunning sight of Glymur and its surroundings is a well-kept secret. The hike up to this beautiful waterfall is breathtaking. You walk through a cave, cross a river walking over a tree log, and hike up a steep trail next to the big ravine Glymsgil, which Iceland’s second highest waterfall streams into. Glymsgil formed after the big ice age, with water running from the glaciers lying on top of the mountains surrounding Glymur.

When on top, you cross the river barefooted and enjoy packed lunch with the great view of Iceland’s untouched nature.
After the hike, you soak in one of Iceland´s geothermal pool. We have used our hot springs to build bathing facilities so we can enjoy our geothermal water.
End the tour by Reykjavik old harbor at its finest restaurant for a meal and beer tasting. Wine can be for those who do not want beer.


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